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B50 Dental Chair

The B50 Dental Chair carries forward the Belmont traditions of excellence in reliability, durability and patient comfort.
  • Dual axis articulating headrest accommodates the anatomy of each patient
  • Swing-Out Armrests
  • Built-in membrane backrest and foot control switches on doctor and assistant side for base and backrest adjustments, single programmable position and auto return
  • 60° Left-to-Right Seat Rotation with Locking Lever
  • Option of Seamless or Plush Upholstery
  • Slinged Armrest Model Available with Upholstery Choices
  • Choice of Standard Vinyl or Optional Ultraleather®

Evogue Delivery System

The EVOGUE Delivery System maximizes patient treatment productivity through efficient positioning of the delivery head and unhindered line-of-sight access to handpiece controls; even when working around patients in the twelve and one o'clock positions.
  • Delivery head rotation gives practitioners the ability to fine-tune access to handpiece instruments, in relation to where they are seated, for more ergonomic & stress free patient treatment
  • 3 Handpiece control
  • Integrated Belmont chair seat positioning control touchpad is centrally located on the delivery head, so left-handed or right-handed practitioners have easy, line-of-sight access to controls during patient treatment
  • Individual handpiece air and water coolant adjustment controls
  • Optional integrated accessories such as a micromotor, handpiece fiberoptics & scaler can be attached & controlled from the delivery head, reducing typical operatory clutter associated with multiple stand-alone accessories
  • Oil mist separator
  • Unique, assistant instrument arm hose tender on traditional over-the-patient delivery models keeps vacuum & syringe hoses clean,  off of the floor and out of the operators way
  • Safety break-away assistant instrument arm with 4 position holder (on Vac Pacs & Cuspidors)
  • Air and water quick disconnects with outlet flow control (on Vac Pacs and Cuspidor/PMU
  • Models with Q5000 or B50 chair adapters

Clesta LED Light

The Clesta LED Operatory Light perfectly blends the technology of the award winning Bel-Halo LED Operatory Light with the proven, long-term success of the Clesta Halogen Light to provide a powerful new tool for every dental practice.
  • Five LED array provides cool white light that is excellent for tooth shade matching and differentiation of soft tissues
  • Step-less light adjustment provides operators with the ability to fine-tune illumination to fit individual operatory lighting conditions
  • Shadowless illumination - even with 50% obstruction between light and patient
  • Touchless On/Off and Composite Safe Mode controls minimize the potential for operator cross-contamination, by reducing physical contact with the light surfaces
  • 5000°K color temperature approximates natural daylight at all intensity settings
  • Long LED life and low power consumption add to operatory efficiency
  • 3-Axis light head rotation provides operators with the flexibility to direct Illumination precisely where it is needed within the patient’s oral cavity 
  • Available in post mount, swing mount, post mount, ceiling mount, track mount, and curved post models

Bel-Cypher N

  • Digital panoramic (child, adult), 4 view lateral and Bitewing (child, adult) imaging
  • Simple to use
  • Sharp images can be obtained, even with mild positioning errors
  • Smooth X-ray head height adjustment with one-touch release
  • High-frequency X-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation
  • Three-laser beam alignment system for correctly positioning patient midsagittal, frankfort and focal-trough planes
  • 60-80kV, 2-8mA
  • 0.5mm x 0.5mm focal spot
  • Fast 10 second scan time
  • TWAIN driver included


PHOT-xIIs DC intraoral X-ray systems produce sharp radiographic images, while minimizing patient exposure to radiation. Radiation dose readout allows operatory staff to provide enhanced safety for patients. Superb periapical radiographic images, aesthetically designed appearance and ease of use makes PHOT-xIIs a natural choice for any dental operatory.


  • Lightweight, ergonomically contoured X-ray head is easily positioned
  • 60-70 kV selectable system; 3-6 mA selectable tube current
  • Compatible with most digital radiographic systems
  • Exposure time 0.01-2.0 seconds
  • 36 programmable exposure settings
  • 0.4 mm focal spot (IEC60336)
  • Air Kerma readout
  • User-friendly PHOT-xIIs controls allow easy selection of exposure time, tooth type, cone type, film/digital mode, film speed, kV, mA and patient size
  • Automatic and manual modes for optional selection of parameters for each patient and tooth type
  • Wall mount, pass-through mount, or optional stud mount
  • Small mounting footprint for optional stud mounting
  • Light gray product finish
  • Optional 12”, 20” and 40” horizontal arms

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